25 Mind-blowing ways the world is about to completely change

Cape Town – Some people can’t handle change, others feel it is as good as a holiday. Either way, the rate at which our world is changing can make you feel slightly dizzy as you try to keep up.

List25.com says, “Our society is changing so fast that in many cases most of us are unable to follow along and get easily confused by all the violent, rapid transformations taking place that challenge us to alter our way of doing and thinking about everyday things.

“Many of these new ways and technologies are supposed to make our lives easier and our work more efficient, but in some cases the results are exactly the opposite. One way or another the world will inevitably continue to morph and with it we will have to change too.”

WATCH: 25 Mind-Blowing Ways The World Is About To Completely Change

Check out these ambitious ideas about the decades ahead that promise to make the twenty-first century more interesting than any other in human history.

25. There will be more cell phones than human beings

24. People will be fluent in every language

23. Privacy will be harder to maintain

22. Our clothes will clean themselves

21. There will be no more national debts

20. Airplanes of the future will be windowless

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19. The USA won’t lead the world anymore

18. China most likely will, closely followed by Russia.

17. Energy will cost way more than it does now, baring new free energy technologies of the future

16. Expect Cybersex to become a global trend

15. Russia will become a global food superpower

14. The world’s population will grow dramatically

13. Mass unemployment will be a worldwide problem and innovation will be more important than ever before

12. Soldiers will take to battle fields wearing exoskeletons

11. Space travel will become as affordable as a round-the-world plane ticket

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10. Contact lenses will offer us Robocop vision

9. A global culture will be forced on all the people. As scary as that sounds, we need to be more open and accepting of others before this can happen.

8. We will defeat the most fatal diseases of the 20th century

7. The economy in most parts of the world will be cash-free

6. The climate problem will finally start hurting us

5. Organ donation will be a thing of the past

4. However, we will feel less healthy than today. Conditions such as obesity and depression will literally become the future’s plagues.

3. Chips will be implanted in our bodies

2. People will live much longer than they do now

1. The world might not be a better place after all. Despite all the technological advancements no one can guarantee us that our world will be less violent, less racist, less sexist, and thus a more humane or better place to live – unless we all start trying and really want it to.

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