Hackers taken down ‘racist’ Steve Hofmeyr

The Afrikaans singer’s website was under a Distributed Denial of Service, or Ddos, attack yesterday, cyber investigator Jacques van Heerden said. On Sunday morning, Anonymous Africa tweeted: “You will be happy to know we are currently running miniop [mini operation] against the racist @steve_hofmeyer.”

A Ddos attack involves bombarding the server of a website with so much traffic that it denies legitimate visitors access to the site. Once the attack ends, the site is open.

Attempts to contact Hofmeyr’s manager about the attack were unsuccessful. However, his website was live yesterday afternoon.

Nine days earlier, the group attacked the Natural News.com site. On Twitter it posted: “NaturalNews.com is Tango down”, using a tagline it has used on several occasions when disabling a website. The group claimed the website is a pseudoscience outfit that promotes Aids denialism.

A year-and-a-half ago, Anonymous Africa hit the ANC and the site for Zimbabwe’s state-run newspaper The Herald.

Van Heerden said that, if caught in South Africa, the group could be charged under the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.

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