Joburg Cops In Standoff With Cheeseburger-Demanding Armed Beggar

Police had a three-hour standoff with a beggar brandishing a gun and demanding a cheeseburger, cigarettes and transport, said Johannesburg Metro Police Department spokesperson, chief superintendent Wayne Minnaar on Wednesday.

According to Minnaar, the incident began at 4pm on Tuesday when the suspect grabbed a sergeant busy withdrawing money from an ATM at the BP garage by the Beyers Naude off-ramp.

“The suspect came from behind and grabbed the sergeant around the neck and then grabbed his firearm then the suspect shot at him, but the gun didn’t go off,” he said.

The sergeant managed to take cover as the suspect attempted to hijack a vehicle leaving the petrol station.

“The civilians in the van had their own firearms and the suspect ran off. The sergeant and the civilians chased him over the N1 bridge into a dealership,” said Minnaar.

He said the beggar then ran out of the dealership, but was cornered at an intersection. The man threatened to shoot anyone that approached him.

Backup police arrived on scene and began to negotiate with him. Among the beggar’s demands were food and transport.

“The SAPS task team of six then approached him and threw two stun grenades to which he then fired a shot and the police then returned fire, injuring him,” said Minnaar.

The man was taken to hospital under police guard and from there he will be taken into police custody.

He has been charged with robbery of a firearm, attempted hijacking and attempted murder.

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