Do Mermaids Really Exist? This is What It Would Be Like If Mermaids Lived Among Us


Dreams of mermaids dance through our heads since childhood. We heard the stories of “The Little Mermaid” and dozens of other mermaid tales. Photographer Hana Vojackova does not just imagine mermaids in our world, she finds them and photographs them. Maybe that stretches the truth just slightly, but once you look at Hana’s creations you may begin wondering if mermaids really do exist. Hana created a series title “Milk and Sea” which portrays mermaids living in very ordinary scenes, just like any normal person. We see mermaids sunbathing, waiting for a bus, roaming a dark street in a wheelchair, and other scenes that we find ourselves in. The  difference is when the picture contains the beautiful mermaid it goes for commonplace to exotic.

Hana’s series takes the myth of mermaids and turns them into a possibility, a very elegant possibility.






Via Fubiz and Hana Vojackova

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