Listen to @Eusebius Ask “Why does RW Johnson think black people associate white leadership with excellence?”

Just listen to this podcast.

My (Eusebius’s)  interview with RW Johnson this morning. Including him hanging up.

And subsequent beautiful conversation with listeners: most disagreeing with RW, but some also owning up to the reality that some of us, as blacks, do associate whiteness with excellence.

It’s a psychological hangover from our past.

RW of course isn’t interested in the false consciousness here; he casually thinks it unproblematic.

Bloody agent.

This was the single most honest hour I have had on radio. And l seriously want to write my next column about the value of (controlled) outrage.

And without being cheesy: I truly believe that this one hour goes to the heart of what we’re trying to achieve at Power 98.7

I thank my bosses for taking a chance on me to go where we sometimes only go around the braai….

It’s a privilege to be on radio every day. Hope I never lose that sense of gratitude.

Have a listen to this podcast.

Share it on your walls.

Agree. Disagree. Let’s continue the conversation here.

Power 98.7

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