Listen: Eusebius Mckaiser @Eusebius Athol Trollip disagrees with Zille’s @helenzille thinking on race and Ramphele @MamphelaR

[PODCAST] There was a fascinating appearance on my radio show today by DA leader Athol Trollip.

If you’re a DA supporter, or politician, in particular, you MUST listen to this interview. I’m thinking for example of the grilling Mbali Ntuli received fromHelen Zille for daring to publicly disagree with her/the party on the issue of whether or not a march on Luthuli House is acceptable or necessary.

In this interview with me, Trollip admits that the Sunday Times’ Jan-Jan Joubert – whom he accused (Hi Jan-Jan!) of being obsessed with him – was right; that indeed he, Athol, opposed the decision to make Mamphela the presidential candidate and voted against it at FedEx.

But he goes further: says there is no reason why the next leader of the DA must deliberately be a black/black African person; that the DA should instead strive to convince black South Africans that even white leaders can be caring, and provide for the needs of all South Africans.

At one point he describes the Mamphela move as parachuting in someone from the outside, rather than ‘growing our own timbre’.

But the most interesting bit – and this I won’t spell out fully here so you HAVE to listen to the podcast  – for me was a reference to, uhm, ‘the family silverware’ in an analogy that really says a lot…

Have a listen. Share on your walls.

And let’s see if Zille now reacts to Trollip as she did to Ntuli….

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