CGI Chuck Norris totally makes real life Van Damme look like a girl*

So, we all know that thing Jean Claude did between the Volvo trucks and it was pretty frigging awesome. But when it blew up, the internet turned to their resident manlymanlyman, Chuck Norris, boasting how much better he’d do it.

Now, it’s happened. Not the real world Chuck, mind you, a CGI version, but then again it’s never really been about the real world Chuck, has it.

This video is really weird though. Firstly, it’s a Toy story-esque version of our online Hercules. Secondly, it’s not selling trucks or aeroplanes or even bravado. It’s a Christmas card-video (granted the human pyramid above his head does light up all Christmas tree-ish). And lastly, why does Chuck Norris sound like Arnie? Does that mean Sly and Jason were flying the planes, or was that Chuck too?

* I mean in man terms. Like manly manness. As in urgggg!manliness vibes. Anyway, we all know that overall girls can split like 100x better than guys any day (don’t ask me to quantify that. this is the internet).

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