Ghost Town – Voodoo. These guys are so so good.

I’ve been using for 90% of my music listening for a good few months now. Their slogan is “Radio Rediscovered”, and that’s really it. You simply select a “mix” in a genre you’d like to listen to and you’re away. Best of all, it’s not generated by some algorithm (which can also mean you get a really crappy mix – but then just move on to another one), but is built around user generated playlists. Another great feature is that if you’re logged in, it learns what you like, and will suggest similar mixes/playlists.

Oh, and did I mention it works perfectly in SA, plus they have a pretty iOS app (and Android too) for music on the go.

Added to all that, I’ve found it to be a fantastic way to find new music and so it’s all that to say, I’m quite enjoying Ghost Town. I hope you do too.

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